Wednesday, April 15, 2009

No end in sight for my glasses!

A little while back I was wanting to save up my money and go to get laser eye surgery done...I was asking friends who had had it done and they raved about it, "Its so simple!" "only takes 45 seconds per eye!" "you have to get it done!" So I was all excited about the possibility of not having to squint at hot guys, whom I thought were good looking but in the end would be someone only a mother could love...haha...anyways....back to the story, so I thought it out...priced it out and after many a heart attack thinking about how much it would cost, an angel fell from the sky and it was called...."How its made" or "How its done..." something along those lines....a television show from heaven. That day it happened to be....How Laser Eye Surgery is Performed! I was so excited! I could finally see the process and be in awe of how simple and wonderful it was! So I watched....and I watched....and I covered my eyes.....and I squirmed.....and almost barfed....and I decided I never wanted laser eye surgery again!!.....I mean, why do you need to cut open the cornia or whatever to perform the surgery?! Why not just shine the big laser into my eye and well get it over with! Anyways....needless to say within 10 min I had changed my mind completely and Im not going to have it done unless they bring in the booth where you pay your 2 bucks and be done with nothing! Maybe they can throw in a gift certificate to have before and after pics done in the booth next to me!


Larry April 15, 2009 at 7:29 PM  

The sketched captions are a hoot! Our son and his girlfriend had the surgery. They did okay. There is just some blood shot eyes for a week or so. I am sure each case is based on the individual.

Rena April 15, 2009 at 8:37 PM  

I've heard mixed reviews on it. I can't stand watching anything surgical that relates to the eyes. Totally grosses me out. Cute cartoons!

Tracey April 15, 2009 at 8:53 PM  

Look on the bright least you will continue to make these "not so hot" guys days by checking them out! LOL

Megha Chhatbar April 16, 2009 at 6:31 AM  

I think your decision is right...Becoz Natural is Natural..God gave us beautiful eyes and body ,...why we are after to change it...right??

Silke April 16, 2009 at 7:06 AM  

I love the illustrations of your story! How fun!! I'm glad I've never had to make that decision... :-) Silke

Migraine Chick April 16, 2009 at 7:17 AM  

I love your blog! Your illustrations are awesome!

Softpencil April 16, 2009 at 7:31 AM  

Cute and funny illustrations! You have a beautiful blog!

The Litterbox Crew April 16, 2009 at 8:49 AM  

That is a riot. I love the laser booth!! Do they have one for cataracts...sigh..try watching THAT demonstration...argh!!

The Silver Dog April 16, 2009 at 9:48 AM  

Cute - love your drawing :)

oldcrow61 April 16, 2009 at 3:07 PM  

God, you're a riot. I nearly fell off the chair laughing. I think I saw the same show. Nearly barfed myself, lol.